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After the appearance of the superfine air classifier, it provides convenience for many industries and also improves the benefits. During production, there are sometimes jams, which make it impossible to work normally. Sometimes it is a mechanical problem, and sometimes it is caused by improper operation. How to deal with the jams caused by improper operation? Now let’s talk about the super micro air classifier.

1. Because the feeding speed is too fast, the load increases instantaneously, forming a blockage. Therefore, pay attention to the current pointer when feeding. If it is overloaded, it should be reduced in time, because the motor will be burnt out for a long time. Or change the feeding mode, and use the feeder to feed. The operator can move or automatically, depending on the situation.

2. If the screen mesh is closed or the hammer is aged, it will be blocked. Therefore, the equipment should be checked regularly to improve production.

3. If the discharging is not smooth and the feeding is fast, cold blocking will occur. After discovery, clean the conveying equipment and adjust the feeding amount, so that the equipment will operate normally

Ultra micro air classifier is very useful for the processing industry, so more and more enterprises choose air classifier. How to operate the air classifier? Now let’s study together.

(1) Before the equipment is started, check the connection parts, seals and lines, etc., and the equipment can only be started and operated after everything is checked to be correct.

(2) Start the machine according to the starting sequence. Stop feeding 3 minutes before shutdown, and then shut down the machine in the reverse order of startup.

(3) The feeding amount shall be determined according to the load of the main engine to ensure that the main engine is under the rated load.

(4) The fineness of separated particles can be adjusted to meet the classification requirements.

(5) If the heat sensitive materials are separated, the power of the main motor is slightly lower than the rated power.

(6) The air volume in the conveying pipeline can be adjusted by adjusting the damper of the fan.

(7) The belt tension shall be checked to prevent belt slipping. The above is some knowledge provided by EPIC Powder Machinery, the air classifier manufacturer. For more information about the industry trends of air classifier, please pay attention to EPIC Powder Machinery or call for consultation.

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