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FL air classifier can separate coarse and fine substances into EPIC Powder Machinery under the action of centrifugal force

FW air flow classifier adopts the advanced classification technology of Germany. It forms a classification system with cyclone separator, dust remover and induced draft fan. Under the action of fan pumping, the materials move from the lower end of the classification to the classification area at a high speed along with the rising air flow. Under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification impeller, the coarse and fine materials are separated to meet the particle size requirements. Then, many problems will be encountered during the installation of FW air classifier. Now, EPIC Powder Machinery will briefly introduce the problems that should be paid attention to during the installation

When cleaning the FW air classifier, the motor and bearing seals shall not be stained with water; When parts are replaced or equipment is repaired and maintained, they should be powered off and hung with warning signs; Regularly lubricate the bearing; Generally, after the grader has worked for 1500 hours, it is necessary to add lubricating oil; Regularly check the wear of grading impeller and bearing. These are the points that need attention. For more information about the FW air classifier, please call the hotline: 157 6227 2120

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