Air Classifier Mill

MJW-A Air Classifier Mill

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    • Double-shaft structure, derived from the classic air classifier mill design.
    • Built-in guide ring, stable flow field, suitable for high-efficiency grinding of medium-fine products.
    • Different designs of crushing blades/hammers/rods and ring gears meet the crushing needs of materials with different characteristics.
    • It can meet the pure production of all ceramics, and there is no increase of magnetic substances in the production process.
    • Special design, easy to disassemble and assemble, can clean without dead ends, saving maintenance time.
    • Airflow closed-loop design, no moisture increase, can be used as nitrogen circulation system, real-time monitoring and control of gas oxygen content.

    The  Air Classifying Mill is designed to produce finer materials with sharper particle size distributions than most other impact milling technologies. In certain applications, a median particle size as low as 5 microns can be achieved.

    The Air Classifying Mill is the main component of the size reduction system however, additional ancillary components are required for a fully functional system.

      • feeder is required to accurately dispense product into the milling system.
      • product collector is required to separate the product from the gas stream and collect the material.
      • Airlocks are used for feeding the system, containing system pressure and product discharging.
      • fan is required to generate the airflow to convey, mill and classify the product.
      • Adequately sized ducting is required to connect the system components and contain and convey the product.
      • Instrumentation and valves are required to sense and regulate the various operating parameters of the system.
      • control system is required to operate, monitor and control the output of the system.


    Model 300 400 500 700 900 1100
    Motor Power(kw) 30 22 30 45 75-90 110-132
    Rotating speed(rpm) 7000 4350 3850 2760 2350 1920
    Motor Power(kw) 1.5 5.5 5.5 7.5 15 30
    Rotating speed(rpm max) 4500 3200 3000 3000 2200 2000
    Fineness (μm) 10-300 10-300 10-300 10-300 10-300 10-300
    Capacity (kg/h) 5-100 20-1000 30-1500 40-2000 80-4000 120-6000
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